Buyers and Sellers: Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home, your acreage, or your commercial property, Atlas Appraisal Services can help you determine the value of your real property. We can help you make better financial decisions – how much to ask if you are listing a property or how much to offer if you are looking to buy.

Maybe you are looking to invest in another property – a rental home or a cabin – or maybe you just want to move some of your hard earned money around. We can help you, and your lender, determine the value for refinancing.

People sometimes question the value of getting an appraisal when looking to purchase a property, or list one – most often because your realtor is knowledgeable about the market and suggests what to offer, list at, etc. But, if the in-depth market research, comparable property analysis and expertise of our appraisers can save you more money than the appraisal costs, then what’s the question?