In the analysis of real estate, appraisal consulting is a broad term that reflects issues aside from simply estimating the value of a property. Consulting aspects can include something as seemingly straight forward as designing a new home or be as in-depth as a feasibility study dealing with the development of a new commercial sub-division.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our consulting services with you and feel confident in saying that you will gain knowledgeable insight from dealing with Atlas Appraisal Services Inc.

Our experience tells us that many tenants and even some landlords are unaware of the implication a lease can have on a property’s value. What is the impact of Right-of-First-Refusal clause on the value of a property? What does NNN lease mean? NN Lease? Gross lease? What is “structural” and who pays for repairs of it? These are some “tip-of-the iceberg” questions that we can assist you with. Our extensive training and experience can help protect your rights either as a tenant or a landlord.
Is what you are planning actually feasible in this market? Which path of action is most profitable? A feasibility study typically involves testing a specific location for a specific real estate development project, and includes land, labor and entrepreneurial incentive. It can also include determining the best location within a wider area, or can test alternative uses for parcels of land.

We know from experience from after-the-fact dealings with property owners that their developments were not nearly as profitable as they could have been if they had consulted with a truly knowledgeable real property consultant/appraiser in the planning stages. If you are planning any type of development dealing with real property (land and improvements), our consulting services can be catered to your needs.
Is your current lease rate under, over or at Market? What are the implications to you if it’s not at Market? Whether you are a leasee or leasor, our appraisers can help you determine what “at market” rent is and recommend to you any action that could be to your benefit.
Are your property taxes higher than you expected? While many times you may feel this is true, it is important to understand that assessment and taxes are first and foremost, intended to be fair and equitable relative to other similar-use properties in the same municipality. However, if you feel you are being unfairly assessed, we can assist you by completing a review of your assessment - and if necessary, assist in the appeal process with you.

One of your best allies in this process is a professional valuation expert. Many times, a well-researched and supported appraisal is enough to have the municipality adjust your assessment.
Highest and Best Use Analysis is a fundamental step in the appraisal process - and while in most scenarios it is not a contentious issue, in some cases it is critical and needs to be completed in detail to best direct the future use and development of a property. Atlas Appraisals has an experienced team ready to assist you with your needs whether it is a H & B Use analysis completed within an appraisal report, or as a stand-alone consulting report.