Atlas Appraisal Services has experience working with lawyers in many areas which involve litigation – divorce files, foreclosures, surface rights issues, and many more. From a practical perspective, litigation within the realm of appraising simply refers to an appraisers ability and willingness to defend their work under the rigors associated with litigation – is the appraiser willing to have their qualifications, training and experience tested under the pressures of court?

Gerry Gehlen, AACI, P.App has 25 years experience in the appraisal industry. Prior to his career in appraising, Gerry was a R.C.M.P. officer for 25 years and has given evidence hundreds of times and often in specialized fields of study. His experience, in his R.C.M.P career as well as the many times he has defended his appraisal reports as an expert witness under oath, speaks to his ability to withstand the sometimes hostile environment of a court room or tribunal setting.

We unquestionably defend our work at Atlas Appraisal Services. While there are no guarantees in litigation work, our exceptional training and standards make us well suited for challenging and controversial assignments.